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Corporate Retreat

High Trenhouse is the Corporate Retreat for your management events.  It provides exclusive use, privacy and seclusion and is the perfect venue for:

  • strategy innovation
  • leadership development
  • team building
  • away-days for planning and learning
  • residential training
  • creative problem-solving workshops

As a Corporate Retreat High Trenhouse is different from conventional hotels. It provides an outstanding ambience for creative work. Its accommodation and facilities are designed to encourage constructive relationships. Exclusive use means you have a place all of your own for your breakthrough events.

Should you require them, you have the reassuring options of:

  • full office support, email, high speed print and colour copying
  • expert design, facilitation and coaching with advanced thinking methodologies
  • outdoor development activities and qualified instructors

For more about the outcomes and objectives of different kinds of provision, see article on Team Development.

Free of charge you get:

Choose the Right Venue

It can be bewildering to select a corporate retreat venue from the very wide range available.  People often opt for the familiar or are seduced by the hype of exotic locations and luxurious facilities. That might not be the most appropriate venue for your purpose. Reading this guide Choosing Your Leadership Retreat Venue will help you make a decision. It will enhance your process not compromise it.


Determine the process, shape and content of your event  according to its purpose. Do you need participants to improve their teamwork, to co-create, to think original thoughts, to interact in ways that enhance resilience or develop agility? To help you with this process read How to design offsite workshops, meetings and executive retreats that work.


Apart from being a corporate retreat, High Trenhouse can offer help with design, facilitation or training? Do you want to enrich learning for your participants? Our resident and associate providers can help you with personal development, team development, leadership development, strategy innovation, culture change and problem solving. Talk to us and let’s discover how to add value to your events.

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