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Is there added value in having ‘exclusive use’?

You will often pay a premium for exclusive use so is it worth it?

That will depend upon what you want to achieve. Many hotels will be adequate when you have a clear message to communicate. You only need a decent conference room and a reasonable standard of comfort and catering. Once it’s over people will need to relax and be entertained and perhaps to feel a sense of reward. If, on the other hand, you really need to build close relationships and engage people in enquiry, creativity, design and strategy, then you might need a place to yourselves.

What advantages does that offer?

  • You can spread yourselves out, making use of what might otherwise be public space. People can be relaxed about leaving handbags and laptops around or even shedding their shoes.
  • You have privacy and security and don’t have to worry who might be listening in or taking a look.
  • Your participants are not distracted or tempted by other things going on around you
  • You can leave stuff in rooms and expect them to be just where you left them when you need them again.
  • You can use spaces according to your requirements and even adapt them to your needs
  • Any space can be a working space so work is not confined to specified meeting rooms
  • You can flex schedules and mealtimes to suit your programme
  • You enjoy private dining at every meal so conversations take place that you otherwise would never have. Meals become part of the process.
  • Participants can relax and relate in new ways free from the pressures and risks of working in public space
  • They can unwind and reflect deeply in refreshing and creative natural surroundings
  • Effectively you have a place of your own that will dance to your tune, enabling your participants to achieve much more than would otherwise be possible

All these factors contribute to your process and its outcomes. You will achieve more than would otherwise be possible – perhaps producing results you hardly dare dream of and could get no other way. Enhanced outcomes and closer relationships while enjoying outstanding hospitality must make it worthwhile to have a place of your own.

At High Trenhouse exclusive use is standard and we believe we have mastered the art of serving clients in such circumstances. Come and see for yourself.