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Ambience for Learning

When you are faced with extraordinary challenge, it is well known that there is great value in withdrawing from daily pressures to relax a little, play a little and bring fresh focus to bear. In antiquity great leaders sought wisdom in the mountains.

How much more is this necessary in our high-pressure modern world? However, the greatest benefit is found when the ambient conditions are most conducive.  Consequently this means eschewing the temptations of luxury resorts, golf clubs and entertainment centres. Whereas such places have their uses, when you are faced with a major challenge, the quest for learning, creativity and deeper understanding needs to move to the top of your agenda!  This is when you need the focus that a specialist learning venue provides.

Quality of ambience

We know, from thirty years experience of developing people’s capability in a residential setting, that quality counts. Outcomes improve when there is consistency between the medium and the message. Individual people are living systems and their teams and companies even more so. But too often we take a mechanistic approach to development because we are culturally conditioned to do so. However, we need to work in more subtle ways if we want to;

  • enhance performance
  • realise hidden potential
  • bring people into productive relationship
  • change the way people think or how they perceive the world
  • develop novel solutions

For this we need an ambience in which we can ask people to open themselves to new possibilities. Is it sensitive? Is it responsive? Does it carry implicit messages of personal attention, caring support, environmental awareness, attention to detail and appropriate quality? If the answer is yes, then we may question the suitability of what is routinely provided by hotels, training or conference centres, because they usually have a different agenda.

Learning venue

At High Trenhouse we have nurtured and evolved a learning environment over many years. It delights people, because it enables them to make the most of precious time away from the workplace by providing an ideal ambience. This begins with first impressions, the quality of welcome, the pictures on your wall, the colours of your room, the furniture and finishes. It continues in the little details, the cleanliness, the friendliness of staff. Staff call you by your name. They make you feel feel at home, you feel un-fussed yet genuinely cared for.

Authentic hospitality has won us awards, excellent feedback and some very high praise. We recommend that you come and take a look – experience for yourself the subtle messages of a high quality learning venue.

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