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Exclusive Use – A place of your own for business or leisure

Exceptional facilities

  • Choice of two self-contained environments for exclusive use of small groups
  • Well equipped conference and syndicate rooms
  • 21 comfortable bedrooms, sauna and private bar

Exquisite surroundings

  • Beautiful natural landscape
  • Splendid isolation
  • Central UK location with easy access

Exclusively yours

  • Superb hospitality in a high quality environment
  • Privacy, seclusion and confidentiality
  • Supportive discreet service


Why Exclusive Use matters:

  • Achieve much more with a place that will dance to your tune.
  • As the only client you enjoy undivided attention
  • Spread yourselves out where every space is exclusively yours!
  • No worries about who might listen or look – private and secure.
  • No distractions or temptation from other things going on around you.
  • Leave stuff around and find it just as you left it.
  • Use spaces according to your requirements and adapt them to your needs.
  • Well-equipped meeting rooms – but any space can be a working space.
  • Schedules and mealtimes that flex to your needs.
  • Convivial shared meals encourage conversations that might otherwise never take place.
  • Unwind and reflect in refreshing and creative natural surroundings.
  • Relax and relate in new ways, free from the pressures and risks of working in public space.

Value for money

These factors combined contribute to your relationships, your process and your outcomes. You will achieve more than would otherwise be possible – perhaps producing results you hardly dare dream of and could get no other way.

Have a place of your own brings opportunities and benefits that otherwise simply cannot be found.

At High Trenhouse, Exclusive Use is standard and we believe we have mastered the art of serving clients in such circumstances. Because a place of your own costs little more than being one in a crowd at a conventional venue, you get outstanding value for money. Come and see for yourself.

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