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English Pastoral

– an inheritance by James Rebanks Published by Allen Lane – Penguin Books 2020 In this engaging and warm-hearted book, James Rebanks shares his personal history of three generations of small farmers, struggling to maintain long established principles … Continue reading


We are good to go

Thanks to all of you who have kept us in mind during this pandemic. At High Trenhouse, we are doing all we can to ensure people are safe in coming, for what we know, is often transformational experience. … Continue reading


After the Pandemic

The struggle for survival The 5 years following the coronavirus lockdown, the post pandemic period, will be characterised by struggles between powerful forces – a Clash of Titans. “Could the renewed shock of human vulnerability in the face … Continue reading


Looking to the future!

We hope you are well and coping with social distancing and restricted movement. These are challenging times and it is so encouraging to see how people have responded so well. How wonderful to witness this caring side of … Continue reading

Life Cycles

Everything is connected Because everything is connected, its good to have more than one book on the go at any time. Reading two books and discovering connections between them can be rather revealing. In effect it sets up … Continue reading

Tourism or Meaning

Re-think tourism Here in the Yorkshire Dales, there are attempts to re-think tourism and reflect on the role National Parks play in society.  Much has changed in the 60 or so years since National Parks were established. Back … Continue reading

compost bins at high trenhouse


Recycling is something we have practised for many years. We send very little to landfill because we have the luxury of being able to reduce our waste by other means. Composting is one way. We produce several tons … Continue reading

mindfulness and wellness

Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness and Wellness are becoming increasingly popular in society. Nowadays, many more people are interested in yoga, pilates, meditation, visualisation, etc for personal reasons. However, as these disciplines enter the mainstream, they are penetrating into the world of … Continue reading

Dutch Appel Taart

  This is one of my grandmother's recipes which never fails to impress. It is delicious and ever so easy. Author: Bernadette Ingredients100 gr sugar200 gr butter300 gr S/R flour (or Gluten Free Flour)1 lemon1 tsp baking power … Continue reading

Get off-site to think

Change is in the air! A new year and a new government with new initiatives!

Make the most of the opportunities for a fresh start. This is the time to get off-site to think, in order to approach this uncertain future with confidence. For this, High Trenhouse provides the ideal environment – comfortable, … Continue reading

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