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Book reviews

We review just a few books each year. These books are not just general reading and nor are they specifically management books, although we have selected them with managers in mind. They are chosen as being stimulation as well as being influencers of thinking and values. They are books that help to feed those aspects of mind that transform management into leadership.

It is a select list of books that will inspire you as well as supporting you in challenging times. They are books you might like to keep as friends on your own journey in life. Some are new titles and others were published long ago yet remain relevant today.

We recommend that, even if you are too busy to read books, you get yourself a collection, so you can dip in now and then. If you are not in the habit of reading, you don’t need to burden yourself with starting at the beginning and reading to the end. Instead, you can use the contents list or the index to find the most interesting bits for you. From such humble beginnings you might find you make friends with the authors as you dialogue with their writings.

See for yourself.

English Pastoral

– an inheritance by James Rebanks Published by Allen Lane – Penguin Books 2020 In this engaging and warm-hearted book, James Rebanks shares his personal history of three generations of small farmers, struggling to maintain long established principles … Continue reading


The Patterning Instinct

Book review by Jeremy Lent This is a superb easy-to-read history of human cultures around the globe from the earliest days until now with glimpses into possible future scenarios. It stimulates an off-world perspective that might help you … Continue reading

the system view of life

The Systems View of Life

Book Review By Fritjof Capra and Pier Luigi Luisi This book argues convincingly for a change of thinking from the fragmentary reductionism of popular science (what we learned at school) to integrated thinking in terms of systems. We … Continue reading

Finding Earth, Finding Soul – The invisible path to authentic leadership

Book Review By Tim Macartney  Tim Macartney’s book is one man’s testimony to the need for find one’s inner wisdom and to use that to shape your life circumstances to the service of the greater good of the … Continue reading

Leading Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise

Book Review By Peter Cook Peter Cook is a talented jazz musician who brings his love of improvisation into his observations of creativity applied in organisations to drive competitive innovation. This well-written and engaging book is full of … Continue reading

Reinventing Organisations

Book Review By Frederic Laloux Laloux spells out a whole system for understanding the evolution of organisations and describes actual case studies of those he sees as being at the leading edge. Although rather long the book has … Continue reading

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