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A place of your own

In the special ambience of High Trenhouse we assure you of a warm welcome with authentic hospitality, personal care and attention to detail.  We want you to feel as relaxed and informal as if you are staying with friends in the country.  So these conditions leave you free to focus on the purpose of your event.

  • The purpose-designed and well equipped meeting spaces are light and airy and all rooms have magnificent natural outlook.
  • You can use the grounds as workspace for relaxation or outdoor activities. Furthermore there is  immediate access to beautiful countryside.
  • Outstanding discreet and personal service contributes to the quality of your experience and the effectiveness of your events.

Because your purpose is our paramount concern you get the maximum benefit from your stay. The wonderful seclusion of this exceptional venue ensures you have peace and space, so you can make the very best use of your precious time away.

Authentic hospitality

You and your colleagues have a place of your own, so that every space and every meal serves the purpose of your event. That means you can feel at home in any space at any time. You are free to spread out. There is nobody to invade your privacy; nobody to overhear you, to observe your unguarded moments. You can leave your stuff around and be confident it will remain undisturbed. Having a place of your own is incomparably better for group dynamics than sharing with strangers.

Communal dining

That is especially true of communal dining, which has always been a fundamental of human groups. At High Trenhouse conversations unfold around the shared table, because meals are always communal affairs. Having a dining room to yourselves makes for a different level of relationship.

What is more, High Trenhouse has a reputation for excellent cosmopolitan home cooking. The food is lovingly prepared on the premises, where possible from fresh locally-sourced ingredients. Menus are designed to suit your programme with alternatives for those with special diets. So you can confidently leave it to our hospitality team to provide appropriate food and refreshments with flair and flexibility.

Click here for sample menus PDF.

We have well stocked bars and a good wine-list including excellent wines direct from our family vineyard in Gaillac: – as you won’t find this anywhere else in the UK we recommend you take a case home!

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