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Leadership as Meaning-Making – The Hero’s Journey

Leadership as Meaning-Making is the title of an article I wrote a decade ago, that Emerald posted on It seems to get a lot of hits. Who doesn’t want their life and work to be meaningful? Many … Continue reading


Workplace Trends

John Varney was invited by Logovisual to run a “Future Trends Wall” at the Workplace Trends conference in London. The conference attracted an international audience of around 200 people who enjoyed a series of expert presentations of the … Continue reading


Red Pepper Tatin

A twist on the classic french tarte tatin using peppers and onions instead of apples. Caramelised vegetables line the base of the tin and are topped with rich cheese pastry. Turn it out, pastry side down and serve hot or cold with a crunchy salad. Continue reading


Aligning strategy, vision and purpose

Strategy, vision and purpose are not new inventions. Once upon a time people were in charge of their own work. Although it was mostly manual toil, people could take pride in their labour which brought satisfaction. With industrialisation labour … Continue reading

A Deeper Kind of Leadership

Number 4 of 4. We should note that although algorithms and robots threaten to make us all redundant, they have no leadership skills and cannot form teams. They can displace us in linear systems but not in organic … Continue reading


Teamwork and Leadership

Number 3 of 4. In addition to those confusions about leadership being the preserve of a few we also have confusions about teamwork. In our ordinary language we would suppose that the leadership team is a team of … Continue reading

Mechanism or organism?

Number 2 of 4. Writing in Resurgence magazine, Herbert Gerardet, co-founder of the World Future Council, points out that mechanical systems tend to be linear whereas natural systems are cyclic. Transfer this principle to organisations and we can … Continue reading

The way we do things

Number 1 of 4. Have you noticed the extent to which people, especially those in the media, talk about leaders as if they would solve all our problems, if only we would let them. Unfortunately, very few of … Continue reading

Provençal Vegetable Pie

Another favourite dish with our clients is the Provençal Vegetable Pie. Continue reading

residential venue Yorkshire Dales

A place that works for you

Corporate venue As a corporate venue High Trenhouse enhances processes of exploration, learning or development.  Because you have exclusive use, every space in the place is there just for you and your group. The formal work spaces are adaptable … Continue reading

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