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A place that works for you

A place that works for youCorporate venue

As a corporate venue High Trenhouse enhances processes of exploration, learning or development.  Because you have exclusive use, every space in the place is there just for you and your group. The formal work spaces are adaptable for all manner of interpersonal interaction.  Leave work in progress and even personal possessions, safe in the knowledge that they will be there when you return. Informal spaces and shared mealtimes encourage productive relationships. Because they feel safely contained, people are better able to take emotional risks. Use the grounds for working sessions, outdoor exercises or personal reflection, without risk of being overlooked or overheard. Right from the door, you can walk, tune into nature or adventure in the hills and valleys of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Hospitality attuned to your needs

Leadership and team-building, strategy innovation, personal development or change management – whatever the purpose of your workshop or conference, High Trenhouse provides ideal space and warm hospitality to support your work. Our specialist team is able to understand your needs and contribute to your success.

The hospitality team prepares wholesome and delicious food from fresh local ingredients as well as catering for special diets. You and your program determine the space and pace. As your group enjoys its own dining room you can extend table conversations or expedite meals as you prefer.  You also have the lounge and bar to yourselves with no distractions. Staff discretely accommodate your shifting needs and manage the interface with the wider world.

Good facilitation is essential

To get the most from precious time away and to allow all of your team to participate equally, you will need an experienced facilitator. Although you may have such persons in-company, independent facilitators will have greater freedom. They should have sufficient maturity and expertise to really grasp the needs of your group and to challenge and develop personal and interpersonal dynamics. Let them design an engaging process, in which all aspects work together to achieve your desired outcomes.

Select your facilitator well in advance, so that they can help shape not only the event itself but also the process that leads up to it. Because the status quo will tend to re-assert itself, it will pay to retain your facilitator to hold people to account until ideas are brought to fruition.

Reserve your space

High Trenhouse is an intimate dedicated venue which provides groups with a place to be. It provides a quality of space; physical, emotional, cognitive, that feeds the spirit of participants and enhances the work of your facilitator.

Book in good time to avoid disappointment!

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