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Facilitation and Organisational groups

Professional facilitation can enable you to transform your events. Here at High Trenhouse, we have the benefit of 40 years of mounting group interactions, learning and development. Therefore, we can help you get the best from all such programmes wherever they take place. We have developed High Trenhouse specifically to enable groups to get maximum benefit from taking time away from the workplace to make change happen.

We know that professional design and facilitation make a significant difference to the outcomes of group processes. Many facilitators (who appreciate the supportive environment) bring their client groups to High Trenhouse. Conversely, many management teams bring their own facilitator.

The facilitator manages the process so that everyone is able to contribute to a high-quality outcome. In addition, they manage the interaction so that relationships are optimised and individuals flourish. An important aspect of facilitation is that it puts all participants on an equal footing. Therefore, a team leader is free to participate fully with others. Furthermore, it is important that you have a facilitator of the right calibre for the work in hand.

If, however, you are organising a retreat or workshop and do not yet have a facilitator, we can help. Through our Centre for Management Creativity (CMC) we can source very experienced people.  They will support you with diagnosis, design and facilitation. If necessary, they can devise a whole integrated programme of work (on-site and off) to help get your organisation to where you want it to be. CMC was established in 1990 and has worked across Europe with many national and international clients.

Let us help you make progress. Contact us for an initial conversation.

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