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Change is in the air! A new year and a new government with new initiatives!

Make the most of the opportunities for a fresh start.

Change is in the air! A new year and a new government with new initiatives!

This is the time to get off-site to think, in order to approach this uncertain future with confidence. For this, High Trenhouse provides the ideal environment – comfortable, secluded, secure and with help on hand if you need it.

Senior teams have come to High Trenhouse now for over thirty years. Unlike a hotel, as a specialist centre, there is more focus and less distraction. Everything is organised around your group because you have the place to yourselves. Discrete and flexible service support ensures your interaction is focused and productive. What’s more, intense thinking is most effective when interspersed with refreshing activity. Being deep in the beautiful  national park, you can refresh body, mind and spirit by stepping out into nature. A good off-site will give you the double benefit of clear vision and a stronger team.

We invite you to explore how this can work for you. See the blog item on Team Vision Workshops

Clarity of purpose and a shared vision of success will empower your organisation. To tap the diversity of your team, make it a collaborative exercise. Whereas no one has the whole picture, everyone will contribute fragments that can be integrated. Co-creation gives shared ownership. Because such collaboration will be a major factor in your success, it is worth serious investment of time and resources.

Come for the day or maximise the value of getting away by staying overnight. Better still, stay two nights, because 48 hours is the optimum period for creative results. Bring your own facilitator or let us design and run a bespoke programme for you.

Call now to discuss your needs or, better still, pay us a visit. We will be glad to design a programme that will set your team up for the future and give you excellent value for money.


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