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Events – past, present and future

Management groups generally use High Trenhouse on weekdays. Therefore at weekends and holidays we are delighted to accommodate a wide range of events, seminars, retreats and workshops. For the most part these are organised by independent specialists. Some are run by the High Trenhouse team. Most of these events are open to all. You can choose to join in activities that appeal to you. On this page you will find a comprehensive listing with details of who to contact for further information or to reserve your places.

High Trenhouse was founded and has developed as a place for deep learning. Because it is off the beaten track and close to nature it has a refreshing authenticity. You will find it is the ideal venue for recreational, regenerative and therapeutic work.

We know that good food, warm hospitality and comfortable accommodation in beautiful surroundings adds extraordinary value to all these activities. There is something for everyone. Choose from the purely physical, such as walking and climbing, through to personal wellbeing and inner growth, to art and photography. We manage to fit in the occasional family gatherings and other special occasions.

If you need a venue for an event of your own we will be glad to give you a quotation.

If you would like an activity that is not scheduled, get in touch and we will see if we can organise something for you. We are confident that you will enjoy the magic of a stay at High Trenhouse.

View the listing and book yourself a memorable event soon. We look forward to welcoming you.

For further forthcoming events click here


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