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About High Trenhouse

High Trenhouse Management Centre is a first-class residential venue for reflective work for business or leisure. Beautifully located in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, it is ideal for personal development, team development, leadership development, strategy innovation and also for regenerative retreats.

Because you get exclusive use you are assured privacy, security and focus. In this comfortable and well equipped former farmstead you can escape the trappings of modernity. A valuable aspect of your event is that your group will enjoy dining privately together at all meals. A choice of 2 independent buildings (Northend & Bennetts) provides you with up to 21 bedrooms, excellent meeting facilities, good food and warm hospitality. Exclusive use, personal service and the beautiful unspoiled location combine to give you exceptional value.

High Trenhouse Management Centre was established in 1990 and later spun off Centre for Management Creativity, Logovisual Thinking and Learning Experience. Much more than just a residential centre, visitors tap into these many years of experience and expertise.

Northend has 15 bedrooms and its own conference suite comprising well equipped main meeting room with two adjoining syndicate rooms and breakout space. Guests have their own dining room and bar. All rooms have excellent outlook and good daylight. Bennett’s has 6 bedrooms, also with main meeting room and syndicate rooms. Guests enjoy their own bar/dining-room/lounge. You can use the buildings independently for smaller groups or combine them for a larger group.

Because the centre gives your group exclusive use, you get an exceptional level of customised individual support. The whole place dances to your tune.

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What is exclusive?

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