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Looking to the future!

Looking to the future!We hope you are well and coping with social distancing and restricted movement. These are challenging times and it is so encouraging to see how people have responded so well. How wonderful to witness this caring side of society!

All is well at High Trenhouse, although we are not open for business for obvious reasons, our once-full order book having been quickly postponed. Just John and Bernadette are living here in splendid isolation, tending the garden, enjoying the daffodils and the beauty of Malham Moor. It is a relatively safe space, having very few physical connections to the wider world. The place is in really good shape and we look forward to welcoming you, as soon as you are able and willing to come.

After this period of social distancing, it will be necessary and desirable to quickly get back into relationship – what better than a couple of days at High Trenhouse, spent creating your future? Talk to us now about your needs.

Remember, High Trenhouse is a venue with a sense of purpose and deep authentic roots.
To refresh your memory, you can visit our virtual tours and videos.

Meanwhile we are working via Zoom and Skype to encourage people to look to the future, making sure we seize the opportunities this crisis presents. We must do what we can to ensure there is no return to the status quo ante. Let’s look for a fairer distribution of wealth, for good public services available to all and to seriously addressing climate change and global heating – all in all, aiming for a more wholesome society and a healthy planet.

Feel free to contact us if you need help or just a change of company. We can always arrange a Skype or Zoom meeting. We will be glad to help you think through your current predicament – free of charge, of course.

Take care, stay well and let’s see what we can do together soon.

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