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Newsletter Spring 2020

Newsletter Spring 2020

Mindfulness and Wellness

Newsletter Spring 2020Mindfulness and Wellness are becoming increasingly popular in society. Not only is there a huge rise of interest in yoga, pilates, meditation, visualisation, etc for personal reasons but, as they enter the mainstream, they are penetrating into the world of work. Many an HR department is supporting what used to be fringe activities, because they are expected to deliver corporate benefits. Continue reading

Don’t miss our forthcoming open workshops

Newsletter Spring 20209 March 2020 – Leadership Developers’ Development Event

28 April 2020 – The Hero’s Journey – Leadership as Meaning-Making

Put it in your diary. No matter if you have been before – join us or send your colleagues!

“Network with interesting people, a deep learning workshop and share experiences over a delicious lunch. What a treat. I highly recommend you check out this unique venue.”
Gary Sheader, Founder – Manufacturers Alliance

Feedback from Clients

Newsletter Spring 2020Since the last newsletter Robyn has been interviewing further clients to capture their experiences when they stay at High Trenhouse. Here are some videos.

Do please grant us an interview when you bring a group – just a few minutes of your time will help others find the place they need to change their lives and work.

Tourism or Meaning

Newsletter Spring 2020Here in the Yorkshire Dales National Park there are attempts to re-think tourism and reflect on the role of national parks in society. Much has changed in the 60 or so years since national parks were established. Back then agriculture was the main industry and tourism an upstart. Nobody foresaw the switch of roles that would lead to protests from residents about visitor numbers and the loss of the difference that people originally sought through discovering rural bliss. Read more

Newsletter Spring 2020Dutch Appel Taart

This is one of Bernadette’s grandmother’s recipes which never fails to impress. It is delicious and ever so easy.

We recommend you try it yourself!


Newsletter Spring 2020Having a low environmental impact has underpinned the High Trenhouse project since its inception in 1976. Of course, what seemed ahead of its day back then, has been overtaken by events. We thought we were well insulated but standards have improved and now we are only moderately good. For more than 30 years we have been planting trees in the grounds, to the point we are vanishing into a forest. Recycling is something we have done for decades. Read more

Change is in the air!

Newsletter Spring 2020A new year and a new government with new initiatives!
This is the time to get off-site to think, in order to approach this uncertain future with confidence. For this, High Trenhouse provides the ideal environment – comfortable, secluded, secure and with help on hand if you need it.

Newsletter Spring 2020Life Cycles
by John Varney

The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben, was given to me recently. At the same time, because it is relevant to my own up-coming book on the Hero’s Journey, I felt the need to re-read my Penguin version of Homer’s The Odyssey. I really enjoy reading more than one book at a time. It sets up a rich dynamic between the two authors and myself and my thinking is all the richer for it. What emerged from this particular juxtaposition was a grasp of the cyclic patterns that rule our lives Read more

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