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Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness MattersMindfulness and Wellness are becoming increasingly popular in society. Nowadays, many more people are interested in yoga, pilates, meditation, visualisation, etc for personal reasons. However, as these disciplines enter the mainstream, they are penetrating into the world of work. Many an HR department now supports what used to be fringe activities, because they are expected to deliver business benefits.

Everyday Wellness

From its esoteric, spiritual and religious roots, mindfulness has spread into modern secular therapeutic and everyday wellness practice. In the context of work, it provides a way to improve engagement, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. Individuals welcome it as a way to reduce stress, to promote wellbeing and improve mental health.

Clearly a group of people, who are aware, alert and well-adjusted in relationships, will be more effective. Mindfulness delivers increased personal awareness, emotional regulation and ethical decision-making. Therefore such people are more able to deal with complex or emergent situations.


Too often people, acquire skills and techniques which, without mindfulness, are like seeds falling on fallow ground. Hence the value of getting people out of their normal work environment into a space that encourages relaxation and contact with nature. Such a place encourages them to pause and think. As we help people encounter their deeper self, they tap into their inner resources. Spending a day or two on a well-run corporate retreat thus enables them to bring a more profound quality to their work and enhances bottom line results.


Experienced facilitators can help groups improve results, even in sub-optimal surroundings. However, given ideal circumstances; i.e. facilities that ensure seclusion, peace, natural beauty and, most especially, safe containment, they can bring about profound transformation.

At High Trenhouse, we have seen this work for many and varied groups. Even if the word mindfulness is never mentioned, quality time spent with colleagues in a facilitated off-site can produce magical outcomes. Come and see for yourself or call to explore how we can help meet your needs.


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