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Environment and sustainability

With environment, sustainability and nature in mind, we chose High Trenhouse as the base for our learning centre, because it is off the beaten track and located in the (relatively) unspoiled uplands of the Yorkshire Dales. When we arrived, it was a bleak spot with tumbledown buildings. In the early days we grew our own food, kept chickens, pigs and cows and had a small dairy business. We aimed towards self-sufficiency and our eco-friendly values were manifest in our renovations. The word sustainable was not yet in common use.

In more than 40 year of our history at High Trenhouse, we have lived close to nature and cannot but relate to the environment. We have done what we can to look after that relationship, with re-cycling, eco-sourcing and economy in every regard. As well as having our own deep spring water source we also have our own waste disposal. The air is clean and pure and we have heat recovery ventilation and double glazing.

Standards have changed but we were early adopters and are continuously upgrading our previous upgrades. The animals are long-gone and we have transformed our grounds to encourage our visitors to unwind in nature. We have planted hundreds of trees, many of which are now maturing. We still plant trees where we can. Meanwhile we maintain our values and influence and encourage others towards being more environmentally aware.

High Trenhouse is a place where environment and sustainability are living concepts.

Book a group to stay awhile and let yourselves be embraced by the wholeness of nature.

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