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High Trenhouse signs up to 10:10 Initiative

If you are already carbon efficient why do more? We have always tried to be eco-friendly at High Trenhouse – after all our local environment can sometimes challenge our very survival. Now we have signed up to 10:10 and are challenging ourselves to invent the eco-standards we will need in the next decade

High Trenhouse has signed up to the Guardian’s 10:10 programme and undertaken to reduce carbon emissions by 10% by the end of 2010.  For those new to reducing their carbon footprint, this is a modest challenge.  At High Trenhouse we have been eco-friendly ever since we were founded and long ago insulated our lofts, double glazed our windows, diversified our fuels, switched to low energy light bulbs and planted trees.

So now how do we reduce a further 10%?  This is an exciting challenge as all our team will be thinking creatively to come up with second-order initiatives.  We are aware that transport is a big factor and although we schedule work time to reduce unnecessary travel and team members often share cars, we think there must be some good opportunities here.  We will also be working with clients to help them reduce their carbon in using High Trenhouse. We will keep you posted.

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