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Green the landscape and stop the floods

On Malham Moor, at the very source of the river Aire, we are comfortably above flood level and our sympathies go out to all the people downstream who are suffering the effects of climate change. It has always been obvious to us that draining the uplands carries water to downstream cities all the faster. The current widespread floods will have alerted many to the need for more trees on the uplands; they absorb water and their roots hold the soil. Would it not make sense to use a bit of Quantitative Easing to employ young people to plant millions of trees that would save the cities and create a new industry. Do politicians have any foresight?

At High Trenhouse people have sponsored tree planting over the years to reduce their carbon footprint and we are delighted to be described as ‘the place in the wood’. Happily we have no more room, so we recommend now that you sponsor trees through the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, Sponsoring a tree makes an ideal gift or fitting memento!

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