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Newsletter Spring 2016

2016 so far in Yorkshire Dales

It has been an exciting start to the year in the Dales and at High Trenhouse. We had a very mild winter with unusually short spells of snow and ice but an awful lot of rain. Storm Desmond caused a waterfall to cascade over Malham Cove for the first time in centuries.

However the ravages of winter are forgotten as the daffodils bloom and the curlews call, reminding us that spring is here again.

40th Anniversary of High Trenhouse

Newsletter Spring 2016

2016 marks the anniversary of many notable people and events;
1066 – Battle of Hastings 950 yrs ago;
1516 – Royal Mail founded 500 yrs ago;
1616 – Shakespeare died 400 yrs ago;
1666 – Great fire of London 350 yrs ago;
1916 – Battle of the Somme 100 yrs ago;

Charlotte Bronte and Beatrix Potter were born 200 and 150 years ago respectively and this is, of course, our Queen’s 90th birthday.

We have our very own anniversary celebrating 40 years at High Trenhouse. So much has changed since John Varney bought High Trenhouse at auction in 1976. Over the years between, countless people have contributed to its gradual evolution into the remarkable residential centre it is today.

High Trenhouse time line 1976 – 2016 →

Tour de Yorkshire

29 April to 1 May 2016 in Settle

Book High Trenhouse for your group & enjoy a place of your own with 21 bedrooms, private bar and dining. High Trenhouse is just a 10 minute drive from Settle – ideally placed to watch the finish of the 1st stage and the start of the 2nd stage. With easy access links to the Settle Loop, we are the perfect choice! This is a wonderful location from which to explore the Yorkshire Dales by car, bike or foot. Book Now! Call 01729 830322 or email

You can also take in the Three Peaks Race or join Ride to Stride

Sizzling Summer Bonanza!

10% discount for corporate bookings throughout August 2016
Don’t miss out – Book Now!

Free to Regular Users

Regular users are those who have come over many years or who book 3 or more events in a year. By way of thanks we offer free day-use of meeting facilities at any time. You only need pay for meals and refreshments. (Can be booked up to three weeks in advance, subject to availability)

No budget for Management Development?

It is mind-blowing that, in 2016, Management Development seems to get low priority in some corporate budgets. Why is this? Surely, in a constantly changing world, investment in future capability is of paramount importance. Individual and collective capability, leadership and teamwork have never mattered more.

Apart from the fact that good Management Development aids staff recruitment and retention, how much of corporate busyness is actually effective? And would it not be more effective if people spent a little time to ensure that everyone was in touch and in tune; that everyone was clear about where they were headed and why? The cost of taking time to think is nothing compared to the cost of not doing so!

Can your organisation really afford not to invest? Call us or check out our website to see how we can help you improve your organisation’s future.

Selecting a venue

Newsletter Spring 2016As providers it is apparent to us that many people pay scant attention to choosing their venues. Often they leave it all to chance or they allow themselves to be pushed into unsuitable hotels, just because they are cheap. This may not always matter but there are many occasions when having the right venue can make all the difference to the quality of your event. Given that total cost includes executive time, travel time and opportunity costs, the cost benefit of using the most appropriate venue is beyond dispute.

Here we set out a flow chart of the decision process to help you ensure you have the right venue for your event. Comments are welcome.

Know Your Self

A Revitalising Retreat

Facilitated by John Varney and Dr Jan Goss on 22 – 24 July 2016

Not only Know Your Self but also Love Your Self. Recharge your batteries with Mindful Practice. Join us for a retreat in the regenerative ambience of High Trenhouse, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. Enjoy a balance of guided reflection and Dialogue, combined with the freedom to roam in the wild. We all lead busy lives; we give out at work, we give out at home and we give out between. If you can take only a few hours in the whole year to look after your own soul, let these be them. Three days that can change your world. Fee includes comfortable accommodation, good food, guided interaction and outdoor excursions. Contact John Varney for further information or call 01729 830322.

Quote of the month


“Great venue for reflection and team building”
Nikki Escreet – Northern Rail

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