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Newsletter Spring 2019

Newsletter Spring 2019

Prepare for the unpredictable!

Newsletter Spring 2019

With all the uncertainty of political turmoil around the globe, organisations will certainly need to be resilient and agile. Of course, resilience and agility are mostly to do with frames of mind, so a little limbering up helps a great deal. Such exercises as modelling scenarios, clarifying vision and practising collaborative working, prepare minds for the real thing. In each case it can be really helpful to use Logovisual Thinking. Read the article on Pattern Thinking to get the idea. Through our Centre for Management Creativity we have years of experience and will be happy to help you to prepare for the unpredictable.

To develop the potential to succeed in changing times it is a good idea to get your senior teams away to work through their issues and clarify their intent. Then they will be well prepared, whatever challenges present themselves. Here are some notes that will help you choose the right kind of venue.

Newsletter Spring 2019

Come and see for yourself

Our next Open day will be 11 June 2019, but no need to wait. We can always accommodate individual visits. If you are planning to take a group away, contact to arrange a tour of the facilities and discuss your needs.

Retreat & Regenerate

High Trenhouse has long been a venue for people looking to enjoy the beautiful countryside of the Yorkshire Dales at weekends and holidays for regenerative purposes. In addition to activities like walking, art and photography, retreats of all kinds are becoming increasingly popular. In recent years we have been delighted to welcome groups for yoga, pilates, mindfulness and deep-song sound.

Newsletter Spring 2019
Art workshop – Mindfulspace Retreat

Corporate groups also tap into these resources to enrich their programmes. As a counterbalance to our high-pressure modern world, they learn the value of slowing down, relaxing, stilling the mind, becoming more aware and inwardly resourceful. Leaders of these groups appreciate High Trenhouse for its intimate hospitality, its amenities and wonderful food – a great place for inner development.

Bring your own group (contact or join one of the groups already booked.


Newsletter Spring 2019

Team Leaders leadership development programme gives you an opportunity to participate as an individual on this open course. We are delighted to be hosting the 4-day core experience at High Trenhouse.

Mike Brough says, “Our programme takes place in a stunning environment that gives you the perfect space to pause, reflect, stimulate and refresh – inspiring you to be the very best you can be”.

Next course is starting soon. Full details here – Book Now!

It’s lovely to hear!

We always seek feedback because we know that all learning depends on it. Of course, it is particularly rewarding when someone tells us we have hit the sweetspot.

We were delighted recently to get this note in the post:

“I have recently returned from a yoga retreat and really enjoyed my stay at High Trenhouse. I appreciated the ethnic feel to my bedroom, the Dutch painting feel to the flower arranging corner, the little thoughtful touches, and especially the feeling of being a welcome guest!”
Participant Yoga Retreat

Circular economy

Newsletter Spring 2019
MRL faculty planting a
White Hornbeam.

Forty years ago we began to plant trees in our then bleak grounds and, as these mature we find ourselves receding into a wood. Thinnings and prunings now contribute to keeping us warm in winter as we burn home grown timber in our stoves. Visitors enjoy the woodland glades and even passers-by on the road enjoy a different experience as they come into proximity of the trees, feeling their shelter and shade. Having run out of space for further planting in our grounds, we have recently fenced an area of roadside land to create a mini-wood. Trees have been sponsored by various happy visitors.

Get in touch if you would like to join them.

Newsletter Spring 2019

High Trenhouse has sought to be eco-friendly since its inception and has encouraged environmental awareness through support for community groups locally. If your company want to improve their eco-credentials, they may like to sponsor Settle Hydro. This local initiative powers houses in Settle by means of an Archimedes screw on the old weir that used to power the mill.

A taste of the wider world

People love the meals we serve, which we describe as “cosmopolitan home-cooking”. It is global in its variety and home-cooked, as far as possible, from fresh local ingredients. These days, we are increasingly called upon to cater for special diets, with an overall tendency to reduce meat consumption to help save the planet (although vegetarians who ask for bacon at breakfast help maintain our sense of humour).

Newsletter Spring 2019

Our hospitality team love food and constantly search for new ideas. They know that what you eat really contributes to how you feel and how you think. In striving to add value, our team earn some excellent feedback and people often ask for recipes.

Try this recipe.


Newsletter Spring 2019

Symbiosis? – or would you call it mutual backscratching? We are working with students and staff at Leeds Trinity University with their Trinity Turbo programme. They are helping us with our marketing, especially with social media, and we are helping them with projects and work experience – a very refreshing interaction.

Incidentally, we heartily recommend Leeds Trinity University Business Network for it’s high quality events. Join in!

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