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The way we do things

The way we do thingsNumber 1 of 4.

Have you noticed the extent to which people, especially those in the media, talk about leaders as if they would solve all our problems, if only we would let them. Unfortunately, very few of these so-called leaders exhibit much leadership. Even so, this belief in leaders means the rest of us tend to sit around and wait for them to show up and get on with the job of saving us.  Unfortunately, they don’t often show up. However, because of this idea, we easily forget that we ourselves are capable of leadership and hence fail to take responsibility for our own affairs. It does not have to be this way.

Every person has leadership capability – clearly you cannot run a household or bring up children or put on a barbeque without leadership. Some people are amazingly good at it and yet, at work they never get acknowledged. People can be ace at leadership and yet in their organisations they are never even asked. What an unfortunate accident of the way we organise, that we rarely tap this amazing resource that is right there in any workplace.

Every person has leadership capability but in a hierarchy of control and command there is little possibility of everyone exercising leadership because, ultimately, there is only room for one leader at the top. How can we do things differently so that all that potential leadership does not get left at home or go to waste?

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