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Teamwork and Leadership

Teamwork and LeadershipNumber 3 of 4.

In addition to those confusions about leadership being the preserve of a few we also have confusions about teamwork. In our ordinary language we would suppose that the leadership team is a team of leaders but in reality they are probably a group of managers. Because the words, “team” and “leader”, are commonly misused, we can be forgiven for not quite grasping the implications. A team is a very special kind of group which brings together a precise blend of diverse talents and behaviours as one whole, aligned and able to act as one. If it is a leadership team, then each member will be capable of leadership behaviour and able to bring people into alignment around a specific objective. There will be a flow of information and energy towards the common goal.

Leadership development gets a great deal of attention and absorbs vast resources, yet we are mostly developing leaders for the past rather than the future.  Almost all leadership development in the world today is related to control and command hierarchical organisations. Those are the entropic organisations that consume energy and raw materials and are not regenerative. Developing leadership for regenerative organisations that organise as living systems is of a different ilk. It requires just as much nous but coupled with awareness, empathy, conscience and consciousness. It is concerned with realising everyone’s potential and maturity. It brings people into alignment around the value adding stream of their enterprise.

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