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A Deeper Kind of Leadership

A Deeper Kind of LeadershipNumber 4 of 4.

We should note that although algorithms and robots threaten to make us all redundant, they have no leadership skills and cannot form teams. They can displace us in linear systems but not in organic systems because they are not alive. Leadership and teamwork are essentially human attributes which give us the possibility of organising as living systems. Living systems are capable of organising in cycles and hence being regenerative.

Our current technologies, if coupled with a linear way of organising, could create misery for millions of people by rendering their lives meaningless – literally by de-meaning them. But if we can learn to organise as living systems we will use algorithms and robots in ways that free humans to be more human, releasing them from drudgery and allowing them to enrich their lives by making more meaning.

The choice is ours – but take care not to let the wrong kind of change creep up on you!

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