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We welcome you to experience our living landscape. Enjoyment of a landscape involves the fruitful interaction of environment, economy and community. Because High Trenhouse Management Centre is a significant contributor to the sparse economy of these rural uplands, we treasure our environment as a resource. Contact with the environment helps to heal all who come here seeking solace so that they in turn contribute to the economic life of the community. We invite you to experience the benefit of this wholesome living landscape.


Being in the depths of the country we learn that we are inseparable from our environment. If we harm our environment we harm ourselves and caring for ourselves means we must care for our environment.

At High Trenhouse we play our part. We nourish and respect the soil, love and care for the wildlife, support environmental and socio-economic initiatives as well as contributing to community issues. We inform and inspire, helping client groups improve their environmental awareness and performance.


We practise what we preach. Indeed we prefer practice to preaching. Living in a harsh climate and close to the land, one learns to respect nature and abhor waste and heedlessness. That is why we have long worked to minimise energy consumption, recycle all we can, economise, eat wholesomely and touch the earth lightly. On a practical level, we invite you to sponsor trees. We will plant them on your behalf to lock in carbon and improve the scenery for all to enjoy.

We hope you enjoy staying with us in this beautiful place and that, by its nature, it helps you to think better and relate more successfully. Wholesomeness surely communicates! For us, this is not a fashionable fad but a way of living. If any of its values rub off during your stay, we will be delighted.

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