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Let’s build a more wholesome society!

The pandemic gives us an opportunity to make sure we do not revert to “business as usual”.We invite you to join us in this series of on-line interactions to stimulate co-creation.

David Evans – Values Based Culture

How developing a values-based organisational culture will support a positive future

Part of the challenge of defining how to create a wholesome post-Covid society is to determine what role organisations will play. I will explore this through the lens of Values. Commencing with a discussion about what values are and what role they play in establishing and sustaining organisational culture, I will move the subject into an exploration of how we can identify and measure the effect of values in organisations, drawing on the work of the Barrett Values Centre. We will consider what we think the values are that will create the best possible conditions for developing a wholesome post-Covid society. I will share the results of a recent survey done to examine how the pandemic has affected people’s views on corporate values. A link will be made between the adoption of values as a basis for defining our organisation’s culture and the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals (SDG).

Understanding values is one thing: we will also explore how we can have a clear values-focus on our organisational life so that values-alignment can be achieved and the culture driven effectively by that alignment.

The webinar will be participative, and it would be helpful for people to come to it having reflected on their own personal values-set and that of the organisation that they work for or have some knowledge of.

This webinar was on Wednesday 29 July 2020 10.30-12.00

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Let’s build a more wholesome society   David Evans

David Evans

David has extensive experience in organisational development, leadership and business strategy. He gained his early experience as an international consumer-goods marketer, going on to hold senior leadership positions in the leisure industry. He has extensive consulting and coaching experience.

David’s passion is to support clients to develop and sustain thriving businesses, based on collaboration and mutual benefit. He believes that good leaders are those which create the conditions in which people can do what they do best, every day; and that great organisations are purposeful, values-aligned and cognisant of their pivotal role in their community.

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