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Let’s build a more wholesome society!

The pandemic gives us an opportunity to make sure we do not revert to “business as usual”.We invite you to join us in this series of on-line interactions to stimulate co-creation.

John Varney – Leadership and The Hero’s Journey

Be the change you want to see! This session is based on John’s up-coming book, Leadership as Meaning-Making – the Hero’s Journey.

What is the hero’s journey and how does it relate to leadership? Is that leadership as we have known it or does leadership need take new forms in a post-covid world?

It’s not about celebrity!  The hero’s journey is a transformational path. The hero’s journey is an archetype for all transformational processes – even for making bread! Can we, perhaps, apply the archetype to the transformation of society itself?

We will look at the features of the path and what are its implications for us personally, if we are to seize our opportunity to co-create a more wholesome society.

From this perspective, we will look at the pattern of transformation and consider where we are, where we may wish to be and how we might get there.

What will you gain from this event?

An understanding of processes of transformation at every scale and a grasp of the possibilities of how to use the current challenges to further your own journey. See where you are and what you need to get to where you want to be.


3 questions to ask yourself – write down your answers.

Look at yourself as from afar.

  1. Function: What is your expertise and strength in action?
  2. Being: What have you become and what might you go on to become?
  3. Will: What will be you legacy?

This webinar was on Wednesday 19 August 2020 10.30-12.00

Watch the video

John Varney Let’s build a more wholesome society   John Varney

Founder and co-owner of High Trenhouse, Centre for Management Creativity, formerly architect, mountaineer and psychological group leader. John is coach, consultant and facilitator to senior managers and management teams of major organisations, as well as community groups.  His work is in developing attitudes and beliefs for success, building relationships and behaviours, inspiring shared visons and articulating strategies.  It embraces inter-company collaboration, strategy innovation, teamwork, authentic leadership, thinking methodology and creativity through team and personal coaching.  He is a pioneer in the application of visual thinking methods to enhance education and organisational effectiveness.

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