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Let’s build a more wholesome society!

The pandemic gives us an opportunity to make sure we do not revert to “business as usual”.  We invite you to join us in this series of on-line interactions to stimulate co-creation.

Juliette Lee – Making wise choices in uncertain times

It can be difficult to make the right choices, especially in times like these. How do you find wise answers when the decisions you face are complex and can feel overwhelming? Intuition or ‘gut-feeling’ is a powerful resource in creating success – if we choose to listen. However, with an overemphasis on purely rational thinking in today’s 24/7 world, intuition is often overlooked as business leaders struggle to swim in a sea of information overload.

Intuition is a minister from the unconscious. It is a gateway to the infinite reservoir of power and wisdom in the unconscious mind. It is our still, small voice. So how do we tune into this inner guidance? In this webinar, I will share a practical approach to developing your inner compass; a way of building a stronger connection to the wise voice at the eye of the storm that will help you navigate through all of this uncertainty and confusion.

Those who have learned to trust and attune to their inner guidance make wiser decisions, find new opportunities and increase creativity and vitality. With continued practice, they become better people too.

What you’ll learn

  • How to differentiate the voice of ego from intuitive guidance
  • Find peace and calm at the eye of the storm
  • Tools to develop your inner rock of resilience
  • Overcome fear and turn the tables on negative thinking
  • Co-create with Universal energy to develop new solutions

This webinar was on Wednesday 5 August 2020 10.30-12.00

Watch the video

Let’s build a more wholesome society   Juliette LeeJuliette Lee

Juliette Lee is an executive coach, facilitator, poet and award-winning speaker for the leading chief executive organisation, Vistage.

A former chemical engineer with chemicals giant ICI, Juliette moved into the world of executive development in 2002, gained certification in coaching from the Coaches Training Institute and became an NLP and MBTI® practitioner.

Her powerful methodology is based on contemporary psychology and ancient spiritual practice, catalysing the awakening of hundreds of CEO’s, entrepreneurs and professionals for over fifteen years. It inspires new levels of motivation and enthusiasm to think, work and live differently.

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