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Let’s build a more wholesome society!

The pandemic gives us an opportunity to make sure we do not revert to “business as usual”.We invite you to join us in this series of on-line interactions to stimulate co-creation.

Buoyancy, Resilience and Wellbeing – new energy and where to find it.

This webinar has several stages. There will be some preparatory materials in advance, and Nick will offer several activities that participants can undertake in the comfort of your own home.

How we emerge from the most significant pandemic of all of our lifetimes will depend on ourselves as much as on anybody else.

This will be an opportunity to reflect, react, plan and choose tactics and strategies that may help in what follows.

We will decide, both, how we want to work as leaders and how we want to live as compassionate human beings. We will bring role models, mindsets and challenges into the virtual room.

We will decide what resetting our work options may involve, while celebrating how we avoided panic as we reassured others around us.

More than anything, we will follow the advice ‘not to waste a good crisis’ in how we work and live more effectively in the world of the New Normal…. where the reality may be anything but!

This webinar was on Wednesday 26 August 2020 10.30-12.00

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Nick WinterbothamLet’s build a more wholesome society   Nick Winterbotham

Nick has worked at Director/CEO level in eight different heritage organisations over the last 30 years in national, local authority and independent museums.  He teaches, lectures, coaches, and mentors across the sector, specialises in event facilitation and is based in North Wales.

During the current ‘lockdown’ phase of the Covid19 emergency he has been advising individuals and small to medium-sized organisations on what steps they might make in planning re-starts and organisational change.

He leads several development programmes for leaders and for whole teams where change is needed in order to secure organisational purpose, business effectiveness and longer-term sustainability.

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