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Newsletter Autumn 2016

Personal Development – Lessons that Cannot be Taught

John Varney’s article on personal development, Lessons that cannot be taught is published in The HR Director – read it on line at

Launch of MBO (Master in the Behaviour of Organisations)

Newsletter Autumn 2016
Gary Hetherington, John Vaughan & Michael Wilson

This new programme is designed for those who want a practical and economic equivalent of an MBA. Instead of theory that people struggle to put into practice, in this programme learning is rooted in experience. We will develop personal consciousness of those who will assume positions of responsibility because otherwise our society is being run with ever diminishing awareness.

The course comprises 8 residential 48-hour workshops at High Trenhouse with practical experience and learning opportunities between. The residential units are based on Centre for Management Creativity’s very successful programmes with the addition of academically rigorous inputs on MBA topics.

“High Trenhouse seems a perfect place for stimulating management thinking. A Master in the Behaviour of Organisations looks well set to meet the future needs of both public and private organisations”.
Dr Meredith Belbin

The first programme is scheduled to commence in the spring of 2017.
For details contact

Book Review

Newsletter Autumn 2016

Tao of Democracy by Tom Atlee

Tom Atlee is a life-long activist, passionate about finding a better way to engage everyone in true democracy: something very different from what passes for democracy in any country today. He sets out to equip us to be more democratic, introducing the idea of co-intelligence – that collectively we can be more intelligent than any of us can be independently. He describes a multiplicity of tools and techniques that might enable us to manifest the spirit of democracy and enjoy the wisdom of co-intelligence. Read review

Dr Meredith Belbin

Newsletter Autumn 2016
Dr. Meredith Belbin chats with Gary Hetherington, CEO Leeds Rhinos

High Trenhouse was delighted to host an audience of 30 consultants, educators and managers to hear 90 years old Dr Belbin talk about the subject matter of his latest book, “The Long Road to Civilisation”. For an hour he held us all enthralled and certainly whetted appetites to buy the book and further explore his fascinating topic. A good time was had by all.

“I was inspired by the venue, and am looking forward to my next visit”
Gary Hetherington, CEO Leeds Rhinos

Buy the book from £20 + P&P


The very capable self-selected group that listened to Dr Belbin was invited after lunch to a Dialogue (of the David Bohm variety). John Varney introduced the process of Dialogue as a search for meaning and set the starting theme, “A Sense of Purpose”. An hour of deep listening and reflective interchange followed. The dialogue was so well received that it is proposed to offer further opportunities. If you wish to be informed contact

Sense of Place

Custom courses enjoy exclusive use in four categories.

Newsletter Autumn 2016
Bennett’s at High Trenhouse available for self catering
  1. Corporate clients who bring their own facilitators
  2. Facilitators who bring their client groups (including our own Centre for Management Creativity)
  3. Weekends and holidays leisure groups of all kinds: yoga, painting, photography see
  4. Friends or family gatherings use Bennett’s for self-catering see:

“Thank you for a fabulous weekend, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay! Loved everything about it and would highly recommend. Would definitely come back again!”
Rubins Family Group

Call us to discuss your requirements – if you don’t know High Trenhouse you have a treat in store – the ideal place to reflect, learn and to grow. Tel: 01729 830322 or email

New Products

Centre for Management Creativity is offering two ‘new’ but well proven products at High Trenhouse. Given the uncertainty surrounding Brexit this is the ideal time to build the confidence to succeed.

Based on many such events run successfully for corporate clients these two generic workshops are confidently offered as the means to transform the capability of your senior team. 48 hours is the optimal time-frame to achieve the outcomes and develop the capability required for success.

A Sense of Purpose – A 48-hour programme to enable teams to clarify their purpose, strengthen their identity, agree shared values and align energies.

Shared Vision – A 48-hour programme to develop a clear vision of future success as well as the strategies and capabilities to achieve it.

“People have been amazed that we achieved such an ambitious outcome in the time available. They have been very positive about their time with you”
HR Business Partner, Retail and Pharmacy Operations. Boots UK

Talk to John Varney to explore the possibilities 01729 830322 or email

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