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Newsletter Autumn 2018

Newsletter Autumn 2018

High Trenhouse – Centre for Management Creativity was set up in 1990 when we recognised that management teams needed help to adopt a creative attitude to a changing world – specifically to understand leadership, to become high-performing teams and to develop effective strategies for change.

Newsletter Autumn 2018 This has not changed, although in these turbulent times many seem hesitant to go off-site when that is exactly what they should be doing – to think afresh, to develop resilience and to take a dynamic approach to the shape-shifting economic landscape.

Management groups usually come mid-week, leaving weekends and holidays available for leisure groups. Newsletter Autumn 2018 Organisers value High Trenhouse as a wonderful place for regeneration and self-development – yoga, mindfulness and meditation as well as outdoor re-creation.

Bring your own group or view the list of Open Events. There is something for everybody and they make ideal (Christmas) gifts!

Client Feedback

The feedback we receive tells us that the ambience of High Trenhouse is ideal, for strategic thinking, relationship building and personal regeneration!

An excellent facility to think clearly and strategically without distraction.
Principal Engineer – Yorkshire Water

A beautiful oasis of peace where learning combined with rest brings transformation.
Participant – Helen Gray, Yes to Yoga.

Feel the Power!

Newsletter Autumn 2018It was good to get a sense of resurgent energy behind The Power of The North in a well-attended and well run event, hosted in Leeds by, with Squire Patton Boggs & KPMG. Andy Koss, CEO of Drax said “Every business in the region has a part to play, and the more we can collaborate and innovate, the better”

High Trenhouse Open Day – Space for Co-creation

Newsletter Autumn 2018Facilitators and change agents had a great day out early this month and enjoyed exploring the idea of Space for Co-creation. We split into small groups and, using Logovisual Thinking, were ready to pool outcomes in remarkably short time. In the process we really experienced space for co-creation!

Results can be viewed here.

What do we mean by Co-creative Space? See here.

Although prospective clients can visit anytime, the next Open Day scheduled for Tuesday 30 April 2019, will include an interactive workshop on LogoVisual Thinking.

Newsletter Autumn 2018The Three Peaks Debate

Our local walking specialist, Jonathan Smith, has commented on the negative side-effects of the over-popularity of The Three Peaks. See the debate.

Jonathan can organise a wide range of walks with High Trenhouse as your base. Contact Sue for more information.

Centre for Management Creativity

Newsletter Autumn 2018As we get swept along by the torrent of modern technology and media, we can easily lose touch with what really matters and with our own humanity. Centre for Management Creativity offers first class facilitation and coaching, both 1 to 1 and for teams, often making use of the special ambience of High Trenhouse to shift peoples thinking away from the mainstream. Authentic surroundings and warm hospitality resonate with your inner authenticity, allowing you to realise individual and group potential. For help in change in organisations email John Varney

Newsletter Autumn 2018OFFER


At short notice you can book a meeting space free of charge, subject to availability – pay only for meals, refreshments or accommodation. Email Sue.

Newsletter Autumn 2018The Midas Touch

Poor old King Midas whose touch turned everything to gold – even his daughter! This blog item asks whether there are parallels with modern society.

Book review

Newsletter Autumn 2018SAPIENS by Yuval Noah Harari

This is a splendid read and amazing in its breadth and scope – no less than the history of humanity right from its beginnings (usually referred to as pre-history). Viewing our current global situation from this off-world perspective is enlightening. It certainly helps to get a sense of scale, at the same time being rather unsettling when you really begin to see where we may be heading.

A powerful idea is that humans became the dominant species because of the power of imagination – not simply creativity unleashed but rather their capacity for belief in ideas that have no real existence: money, corporations, nations and countless others. Belief sustains our world! So what do we believe when our eyes are opened? He is maybe less convincing when he speculates on the future.

It is useful to compare this excellent book to Jeremy Lent’s (also excellent) The Patterning Instinct, which is similar in scope and scale. Lent, who focuses on the history of cultures, perhaps has more belief in humanity’s potential to be more human rather than further exploiting nature for our own selfish ends.

Newsletter Autumn 2018Nine Steps to a Successful off-site Leadership Retreat

To help you plan your next retreat or off-site event read this checklist guide to choose the right venue.

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