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Newsletter Winter 2020

Newsletter Winter 2020

We look forward to welcoming you to High Trenhouse in 2021

Newsletter Winter 2020Many of us are frustrated by the pandemic and the constraints it puts upon us.

Let’s spare a thought for all those who are worse off than we are. For those who are hurting or struggling; those who are sick or have lost loved ones; those who have lost their livelihoods; the lost and the lonely.

As the seasons turn, we wish everyone good health and a speedy recovery from this time of crisis.

We are good to go

Newsletter Winter 2020High Trenhouse enjoys splendid isolation and, as you have the whole place to yourselves, it is a relatively safe place to be. Our team has re-organised the way space is used, so that everyone can maintain social distancing and hygiene routines, ensuring we all stay safe.

Government regulations allow business meetings of up to 30 people.

Under Covid-19 restrictions, High Trenhouse can accommodate up to 10 guests even at 2 metres distancing or up to 17 guests with 1 metre-plus.

Contact us to discuss your needs and book your event.

Crisis of our times

Newsletter Winter 2020Of course, the Covid-19 pandemic is only one of a series of crises that is suggestive of the end of an era. We remember the financial crash of 2008 and we are increasingly aware of the impending climate crisis, as we witness more frequent and more severe extreme weather. As our political systems are at breaking point and global inequality runs rife, we are challenged to create a more wholesome and more sustainable society. To do that, we need to change our expectations and our behaviours so that all of nature can thrive and humanity with it. New thinking needs to underpin all our work. As an example, we can take note of Kate Raworth’s idea of Doughnut Economics, as presented to the RSA.

Let’s build a better world!

Explore the topic and resolve to be part of the solution. Let it change your life!

Beyond that, join in whatever initiatives you can that address the climate emergency.

Green New Dales

Newsletter Winter 2020As the urgency of the climate crisis becomes more apparent, it seems we are on the brink of major changes in land and countryside management. The Yorkshire Dales Society and North Craven Heritage Trust collaborated to mount the Green New Dales Conference, which explored some of the initiatives that will be taken locally in response.

High Trenhouse has had significant involvement with our community since the days of the Foot and Mouth crisis which impacted our area 20 years ago. We are proud to have facilitated many community and business group interactions from the mid ’90s onwards. They got many people engaged in regenerative initiatives. Now we are looking to stimulate creative responses as the current crisis unfolds.

Contact us if you are interested in participating.

Garden and grounds

Newsletter Winter 2020It is a joy to behold the garden flourishing and, as the years roll by, we sink ever deeper into our mini woodland eco-system. But, sadly, our ash trees are dying. Each successive year sees several reduced to firewood, opening up the woodland for other species. Last year we created ‘Hannah’s Wood’ close by, with fifty trees of assorted species. Our tree planting continues with another fifty trees scheduled to be planted this season. Have you read The Hidden Life of Trees? It feels as though we are bringing new communities to life on Malham Moor. Do sponsor a few trees or, better still, come and plant them yourself.

Email for details!

Book Launch

Newsletter Winter 2020Leadership as Meaning Making is written by John Varney, founder of High Trenhouse Centre for management Creativity, with a foreword by Dr Meredith Belbin. This book will be published by Routledge on 24 December 2020. It explores the metaphorical relationship between the hero’s journey through unknown worlds (after Joseph Campbell) and the evolutionary principle by which people mature as human beings. In doing so they participate in meaning-making leadership as a shared phenomenon. Read the review.

Reserve your place for this on-line international book launch, featuring John in conversation with notable guest speakers, 1.30pm GMT 21 January 2021.

Order your copy

The Deep Blue Sea

Newsletter Winter 2020By Wilfred Drath published in 2004 by Jossey-Bass

Reviewed by John Varney.

I was delighted to come across this excellent book and amazed that I had never even heard of it, in spite of working in the leadership milieu for 30 years. I used the title, Leadership as Meaning Making, for an article I wrote for Emerald back in 2009 and again for my upcoming book in which the ideas are greatly expanded. I was surprised, therefore, to discover the title had been used by Drath and Palus, as early as 1994, for a very interesting paper that Drath has developed in this book, The Deep Blue Sea. See the review.

Newsletter Winter 2020Client Feedback

“A brilliant space in amazing countryside – get away from the day to day here and take the opportunity to think differently”
Phil Taylor – Design Director, Silver Cross

“Perfect venue given the restrictions of COVID”
Russell Crow – Engineering Development Manager, Tinsley Bridge

Let’s build a more wholesome society!

Newsletter Winter 2020The pandemic gives us an opportunity to break free from ‘business as usual’. At the International Association of Facilitators’ (IAF) conference, John Varney and Catriona Duncan-Rees ran an interactive session on ‘Upping the Facilitator Game’. This explored facilitation as a key ingredient in helping the creation of a more wholesome post-covid society.

In addition, fellow facilitators contributed a series of successful on-line seminars which were enjoyed by 12 to 30 participants. You can watch your pick of the videos here.

We are collaborating with Mike Chitty of Realise Development to develop new on-line, face to face and residential programmes. We believe these will have a significant role to play in building a viable and sustainable post-covid society.

Co-working in co-creative space

Newsletter Winter 2020Fancy a change? A new kind of Working Holiday?

Why work from home when you could be at High Trenhouse? Take a break! Enjoy collegiate company (socially distanced!) as you work and play.

Ample workspace with good Internet connection allows you to be focused and productive when you choose. Surrounded by outstanding scenery, you can step out into nature for exercise and inspiration.

Let our hospitality take care of your needs, leaving you free, just to be and to work as you wish.

Contact us to arrange your personal space to live and work for a week or more.

Zoom or Face to Face?

Newsletter Winter 2020Much can be achieved with Zoom meetings but ultimately you begin to appreciate the much deeper inter-connection of face-to-face residential interaction.

Either way, we can help you, with design, facilitation or full supportive service for on-line or Covid-secure residential workshops. Alternatively, you can benefit from one-to-one on-line coaching.

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